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Plataforma Fintech centrada en el usuario que permite a los clientes autogestionar sus créditos y a las empresas cumplir con las demandas del mercado en cuanto al «time to market. Esta plataforma está diseñada para satisfacer las necesidades tanto de personas /pe como de empresas /co.

Destaca por su agilidad en los procesos de onboarding, afiliación y gestión de operaciones crediticias, además de contar con inteligencia artificial para la revisión y aprobación de solicitudes. Todo esto se lleva a cabo siguiendo los más rigurosos estándares de seguridad (OWASP) y se respalda en tecnologías líderes como SAP, SAP Fioneer Transactional Banking, SAS Credit Scoring, Facephi, React, Flutter y se encuentra instalada en Microsoft Azure, garantizando soluciones de clase mundial.

BD Finance is a Costa Rican Fintech, registered with SUGEF under Article 15 bis, and also registered with SINPE of the BCCR as a payment provider, which allows the use of this platform to carry out its business model.
BD Finance owns the technological platform /bdigital, which in turn is the commercial brand that represents the entire operation around the company. BD Holding Group is the shareholder owner of BD Finance, and as a Group, it has been in the regional market for more than 24 years. The most recognized and pioneering company of the Group is BD Consultores, which is dedicated to implementing world-class technological solutions at a regional level with an emphasis on the financial sector. Currently, there are BD Consultores Costa Rica, BD Consultores Panama, BD Consultores Guatemala, and BD Internacional (Panamanian "offshore" company), as well as additional commercial offices in El Salvador and the Dominican Republic.

The /bdigital platform is aimed at premium clients (individuals and companies with an excellent credit record and payment capacity), who seek to achieve their objectives and meet their needs through credit.

To access the platform and be part of the ecosystem you must have received an invitation and be a Costa Rican citizen or company.

The /bdigital and /btoken applications (for individuals), /bdigital Corporate and /btoken Corporate (for companies), can be downloaded through Apple Store and Google Play.

Enter the support option and make the request by filling out the form.

Log in to /bdigital or /bdigital Corporate from your device and on the main page click on the Forgot Password? option and follow the instructions.

The /btoken application generates a token every minute. Just keep the application open.

It is as simple as logging into your internet banking platform (your Bank's) and making a transfer to the IBAN account code assigned to your loan.

If you make a payment before the due date of your installment, it will be considered as an extraordinary payment.

Remember to make your installment payment on the exact day it is due.

If you do not remember your IBAN code, please go to /bdigital or /bdigital Corporate to make the corresponding query.

Important: The transfer must be carried out in real time.

Yes, you can make a payment for an amount greater than the established quota. In this case, the corresponding installment(s) will be paid and the difference will be applied to your loan balance (principal). Extraordinary payments reduce the term of the loan, not the installments.

Once the installment payment has been made, you can consult the installments you have paid and the installments to be paid, automatically adjusted through the /bdigital and /bdigital Corporate platform in the option: Consult Credits.

Not necessarily. In terms of guarantees it is necessary to analyze each application, the type of credit and the applicant's profile.