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Corporate Loans

Our corporate clients
now have access to loans
of up to $2,000,000.

Boost your company's growth through 100% digital corporate credit.

Modern times have led companies to require immediate, affordable, agile, solid, secure financing options that simplify their operations, with the aim of strengthening their activities. Such financing is used for several activities, for example: working capital, software acquisition, equipment, renovations, restructuring, research, and development, among others.

Key Benefits

Thanks to our extensive experience in the financial sector, we offer a customized solution that adapts to the needs and capabilities of each company. Faster and more efficient application and approval processes, which means that companies can obtain the financing they need more quickly. In addition, our processes are based on world-class technology that is agile, accurate, secure, and effective, allowing us to offer competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms.


Independence from schedules and face-to-face presence.


Get rid of paperwork and bureaucracy, but with increased security to do the paperwork.


Handles the highest security standards of the most important organization.


Biometric onboarding makes it easy for you to log in to the platform.

Rates and terms

Preferential, fixed interest rates with flexibility to select the term.


Independence from schedules and attendance, in addition to getting rid of paperwork and bureaucracy.


You can indicate the account of preference to receive the deposit.


It takes five minutes from enrollment to disbursement.

Tailored to your needs to activate all areas of your business

Our business credit solution is the best option for companies looking for fast and efficient financing. We facilitate the self-management of credit processes in a 100% digital way, and in real time. Through digital credits, lines of credit, revolving lines of credit, and bridge loans.

The best option for smart companies looking for a reliable source of financing.

The right financing can provide the resources needed to grow a business, invest in new technologies, or acquire valuable assets. By choosing a reliable source of financing, entrepreneurs can be confident that they are investing in their business in a safe and responsible manner, which can lead to long-term growth and success.

A history of satisfied customers

/bdigital® has an extensive list of testimonials from clients across the region who recognize the positive impact we have generated through our level of knowledge, expertise and reliability.

Company receives a boost to grow its business

Arleth Bejarano, entrepreneur and founder of Logistic Transport Services, a family logistics company in container transport for export, tells us about the benefits she obtained for her business, thanks to a loan for Pymes.