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100% digital and specialized fintech solutions.

Achieve compliance with market demands in terms of "time to market". We provide fintech efficiency by facilitating digital transformation in the financial sector.

We are a fintech that provides solutions based on web services that orchestrate and support the full range of solutions offered by BD Finance

Through /bdigital, BD Finance customers access a variety of specialized digital solutions, each designed to specifically meet their financial and digitalization needs, achieving compliance with market demands regarding "time to market". All this is carried out following the most rigorous security standards (OWASP), and is supported by leading technologies such as React, Flutter, and Microsoft Azure, ensuring world-class solutions.


Here you can find all the latest information about our company, from interviews and success stories to webinars and product launches. This space serves as a window where you can stay updated on recent events and discover how we are contributing to our industry and community.

Webinar on Transaction Manager /gx®

It is a platform that allows you to integrate your business transactions with multiple payment systems (SINPE, TELERED, ACHs).

SUAP on TecToc Teletica

We spoke on the favorite Teletica Radio program of technology enthusiasts.

Launch of the new /gx®

Launch event of the new SINPE integration experience

Fintech Americas Webinar

Latest trends in digital identification and biometrics for banking in Latin America with Facephi.

Success story with SAP Fioneer

On the transformation using SAP Fioneer C4B (Cloud for Banking) and how it freed them to focus on what matters.

SAS Talks Mexico

Sharing the benefits that analytics, artificial intelligence and credit scoring solutions have brought to fintech.

What makes us different?

A fully digital solution, supported by world-class technology, that automates, reduces risks, and enhances the operational efficiency of your company.

World Class

Founded on world-class technology, which allows for the introduction of solutions into the market with exceptional speed and security.


100% digital platforms, geared towards new generations, guaranteeing an excellent, clean, and easy-to-use user experience.

Risk Reduction

It takes human intervention to practically zero. This undoubtedly implies a drastic reduction in operational risk.

Our products

Our platforms are built on the most advanced global technology, offering end-to-end (E2E) solutions that have proven effective across a broad range of clients. We focus on businesses and financial institutions that wish to digitalize, providing digital solutions for neobanks, neo cooperatives, credit platforms, currency exchange, remittance sending, and connectivity with payment methods.


Digital lending platform for individuals, offering easy and secure access with an intuitive interface.


Digital lending platform for businesses, offering easy and secure access with an intuitive interface.

Transaction Manager

Digital platform for integration with payment methods such as SINPE, Telered, and others, allowing real-time money transfers.

Money Exchange

Solution for buying and selling foreign currency swiftly, securely, in real time, and available 24/7.

Credit Scoring

Platform that evaluates customer credit risk for automated and reliable lending decisions in seconds.


Platform for sending money in dollars and receiving it in the local currency of the destination, ensuring fast and secure transactions.


Platform for transferring money for payments, including bills, quickly, securely, and efficiently.

A history of satisfied customers

/bdigital® boasts an extensive list of regional success stories that recognize the positive impact we have made due to our level of knowledge, experience, and seriousness.

Our technology

Our commitment to excellence and the results of our management makes us always work alongside the best in world-class technology.