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Digital platform for credit management

Self-management of credits in an agile and secure way in seconds.

A Fintech platform focused on the user, which represents the possibility of self-managing their credits.

Fintech platform focused on the user, allowing customers to self-manage their credits and businesses to meet market demands regarding "time to market." This platform is designed to meet the needs of both individuals (pe) and companies (co). It stands out for its agility in onboarding, affiliation, and credit operation management processes, while incorporating artificial intelligence for application review and approval. All of this is carried out following the most rigorous security standards (OWASP) and is backed by leading technologies such as SAP, SAP Fioneer Transactional Banking, SAS Credit Scoring, Facephi, React, Flutter, and hosted on Microsoft Azure, ensuring world-class solutions.


Here you can find all the latest information about our company, from interviews with our experts and leaders to the latest webinars we have participated in. This space is a window where you can keep up to date with the latest developments and discover how we are contributing to our industry and community.

J.J. Barea, Campeón de la NBA, en Costa Rica

Conferencia de prensa efectuada para dar inicio clínicas de baloncesto.

Launch of the new /gx®

Launch event of the new SINPE integration experience


Grupo Financiero Desyfin, known for its solidity, security, and prestige, has partnered with /bdigital to launch a revolutionary product for buying and selling dollars.

Webinar on Transaction Manager /gx®

It is a platform that allows you to integrate your business transactions with multiple payment systems (SINPE, TELERED, ACHs).

Fintech Americas Webinar

Latest trends in digital identification and biometrics for banking in Latin America with Facephi.

Success story with SAP Fioneer

On the transformation using SAP Fioneer C4B (Cloud for Banking) and how it freed them to focus on what matters.

SAS Talks Mexico

Sharing the benefits that analytics, artificial intelligence and credit scoring solutions have brought to fintech.

What makes us different?

A fully digital solution, supported by world-class technology, that automates, reduces risks, and enhances the operational efficiency of your company.

World Class

The /bdigital® platform is the only fintech solution on the market for credit management that is based entirely on world-class technology.


Automates all credit management processes: Onboarding, affiliation, origination, application, approval, formalization, disbursement, and receipt of payments.

Risk Reduction

It takes human intervention to practically zero. This undoubtedly implies a drastic reduction in operational risk.

A 100% digital Fintech platform for a smart user.

Being 100% digital, we are aimed at an audience that values their time and feels comfortable interacting with digital mechanisms. Another way of looking at it is that we provide financial services to customers who would normally go to banks, but with the agility provided by a Fintech, at a fraction of the operating cost.

Our products

Our commitment to excellence and the results of our management allows us to create products that generate value and are backed by technological giants.


With this solution, the client has the possibility of accessing personal loans for up to $500,000.


Our corporate clients have the possibility of accessing competitive loans for up to
$2 000 000.

Transaction Manager

With our digital platform for integration with payment systems such as SINPE it is possible to send and receive money in real time.

Money Exchange

Allows the user to buy and sell currencies in an agile, secure, real time and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Credit Scoring

/bscore is a solution that evaluates the credit risk of customers for an automated and reliable granting.

A history of satisfied customers

/bdigital® has an extensive list of testimonials from clients across the region who recognize the positive impact we have generated through our level of knowledge, expertise and reliability.

Our Partners

Our commitment to excellence and the results of our management makes us always work alongside the best in world-class technology.