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Credit Scoring Solution

A platform that analyzes the credit risk of customers in an automated and reliable manner, allowing for the approval of loans in a matter of seconds.

A comprehensive credit application analysis platform that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) focused on automating the granting of credit.

Automated credit scoring is more efficient than manual credit scoring, as it can process large amounts of information and quickly assess the credit risk of applicants. This stems from the use of mathematical models and algorithms to assess credit risk, which means that the results are objective and consistent. 

Key Benefits

Our comprehensive credit application analysis platform is focused on automating credit granting by improving efficiency, accuracy, personalization, financial inclusion and reducing the costs associated with manual evaluation of credit applications.


Process large amounts of information and quickly assess credit risk.


Reduce assessment errors and improve the quality of credit decisions.

Cost Reduction

Reduce operational costs by reducing the number of staff required to perform the assessment. 


Evaluate based on the specific needs and circumstances of each client.

Gain agility in the credit granting process.

Our business credit solution is the best option for companies looking for fast and efficient financing. We facilitate the self-management of credit processes in a 100% digital way, and in real time. Through digital credits, lines of credit, revolving lines of credit, and bridge loans.

Comprehensive 100% digital credit application analysis platform that provides an excellent user experience.

Automated credit assessment can provide fast results, which can help companies make faster lending decisions and improve the customer experience.